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CenterPoint Dispatch
More Than Call Answering
CenterPoint dispatch was created to meet the increasing demand on medical transportation organizations to handle pre-scheduled, non-emergency medical transports, community paramedicine visits and other allied health transportation needs. In many companies, the ability to handle after-hour demand is difficult due to staffing and emergency calls. CenterPoint offers a competitively priced service when compared to hiring any combination of part and full-time staff for your organization.

CenterPoint has developed three packages of telephone coverage to service an organization'€™s needs -€“ including after-hours calls, call-intake, and in some cases, serving as the entire dispatch operation.

After Hours Messaging
This is a basic service where our dispatchers will take a message from the caller and notify the on-call person. There is a base fee for the monthly service covering a set number of calls monthly.

After Hours Call-Intake
This level offers a more complete process where the transport details are collected and then communicated to the service via one of our secure communication options.

Full Service - 24/7/365 Call Intake and Dispatch
This level represents when we serve as your total dispatch center taking in transport requests and dispatching to available crews. An established protocol describes how to handle transports as the number of vehicles fluctuates during the course of a day. Standard and custom reports are completed for the previous business day and sent to the appropriate person(s). Variances from expected performance are proactively discussed in the report.