Grant Services

Our proposals win.

We turn words
​into dollars.

Keystone has authored winning grants totaling millions of dollars.  We specialize in the AFG program and can tailor our services to meet the needs of virtually any Fire and EMS organization.

Elements of Service

  1. Consultation & Needs Assessment
    A one-on-one discussion designed to uncover your organization’s greatest needs and vulnerabilities.
  2. Intelligence Gathering
    An exhaustive effort to locate and gather all relevant facts and information pertinent to your proposal.
  3. Proposal Development
    A phased approach where each proposal is organized, drafted, and finalized in lead-up to submission.
  4. Proposal Submission
    A formal process is followed as spelled out by the grant program criteria, as we make sure no box is left unchecked.
  5. Award Notification Monitoring
    A vigilant process whereby we monitor the notification systems of the grant award program to ensure all communication receives prompt attention.
  6. Post-Award Management
    A turnkey approach to ensuring all funding criteria are met and no administrative mistakes are made which could jeopardize the grant.
We specialize in the Assistance to Firefighters Grant

Who is Eligible for the AFG?

Fire departments & non-affiliated EMS organizations operating in any state and affiliated territory, including the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico; or, any federally recognized Indian tribe or tribal organization.

AFG Program Highlights

  1. Operations and Safety
    Grant projects funded include professional training, wellness and fitness programs equipment, personal protective equipment, modifications to facilities, and supplies that support firefighting and non-affiliated EMS operations and safety.
  2. Vehicle Acquisition
    Eligible apparatus included, but are not limited to: ambulances, pumpers, aerials, brush trucks, tankers/tenders, rescue vehicles.
  3. Regional Grants
    Regional projects in which multiple organizations (Fire and/or non-affiliated EMS) serving more than one local jurisdiction would benefit directly from the activities requested with grant funds.
  4. State Fire Training Academies
    State fire training academies are eligible to apply for critically needed resources to protect the public, to train emergency personnel, and to foster interoperability and support community resilience.

AFG Funding

A competitive review and award process is overseen by fire service subject matter experts and grants are awarded to applicants whose requests best address the priorities of the AFG Program.  At least 3.5% of appropriated funds must be awarded for EMS equipment and training grants for both fire department-based and non-affiliated EMS organizations.  Funding for vehicles is limited to 25% of the total Fiscal Year appropriation.

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