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Fire and EMS organizations have a broad range of responsibilities, many of which the public never sees.  Providing superior service to communities and patients alike depends upon sound business practices, and this is where Keystone Fire & EMS Management Services play a critical role. 
Keystone offers an unprecedented array of services, each scalable in scope, and each designed to address a specific need.  Whether the need is relatively minor, or of dire urgency, our experienced team can step in and provide expert leadership for any situation.

Management Services

  1. Consulting
    Decades of experience have given our team the wisdom and insight to identify the proper solution to virtually any situation. If you'€™ve identified a challenge and aren'€™t sure which direction to take, we may be able to help. From something as simple as a meeting, to a longer term relationship, our consulting services can help you navigate the unpredictable and make the best decisions for your organization.
  2. Contract Negotiations
    Finding the best price while ensuring the highest value are interrelated roles in contracting, and relevant whether one is searching for IT services, Fire and EMS supplies, vehicles, or anything related to the functionality of business, we can help.
  1. Financial
    We offer turnkey payroll processing, along with AR & AP processing, and utilize seamless data integration from various software applications to create monthly reports, delivered to you in a timely manner.
  2. Human Resources
    The most valuable asset of virtually any business is its employees. We can assist your organization in the following ways: • Employee recruitment • Interviewing, selection and onboarding • Compensation and bonus plan development • Benefits administration • Periodic reviews and testing • Exit interviews
  1. Operational & Systems Administration
    Intensive on-site managerial intervention is provided by a leader we insert into your organization. This person manages staff and operations, and is overseen by a senior manager through routine reporting and regular site visits. Through this process, we resolve any lingering vulnerabilities, assess the likelihood of future leadership being developed within the ranks, and create a plan of action for the future.
  2. Strategic Planning & Development
    Business organizations of every size need a plan to guide them in achieving their goals. Whether the intent is to expand into new geographic or vertical markets, position itself as a target for investment or acquisition, or simply to become self-sustaining, a strategic plan is an essential element to realize your objectives. A thoughtful, strategic plan will guide your business to future success.
  1. Technology Selection and Logistics
    Implementing a new software solution or computer network can be daunting for businesses of any size. Our team has successfully managed a number of technology transitions, and can guide or fully manage your own transition.
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