Dispatching & Transport Management Services

24/7 Dispatch and Transport Logistic Services

  1. CenterPoint Dispatch
    CenterPoint Dispatch is a customizable solution for the call intake and transport order fulfillment needs of the non-emergency sector. Pursuant to client-driven protocols, our 24/7 call center professionals utilize the latest technology to capture essential transport criteria and deploy the most appropriate resource, every time. Additionally, CenterPoint Dispatch can provide turnkey logistics and schedule management services, coordinating transports with affiliated providers and interfacing with physicians and facilities to maintain an optimal flow. By harnessing the power of accurate data through superior technological design, CenterPoint Dispatch can reduce your administrative burden and streamline the revenue cycle to a point of much greater predictability.
    RICKSHAW is a revolutionary software solution which addresses the transport scheduling, resource management, and business intelligence needs of the non-emergency medical transportation industry. From transportation providers to busy hospitals and nursing homes, data capture is made easy through a configurable, user-defined interface. Protocol-driven workflow streamlines the process of transport request and fulfillment, improves patient tracking and resource allocation, and reduces losses related to unauthorized payment activity. A dynamic reporting engine empowers decision making, offering virtually limitless options for customizable data mining. With interfaces available for ePCR, AVL and billing software solutions, RICKSHAW offers an unprecedented level of integration, giving your organization a strategic advantage.
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